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Perfectionism, obsession, and neuroticism at their finest:

an account of the journey to mend my wings

King of All Cosmos
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I'm not a bitch; I just play one on the internet.
Wait. Only half of that statement is true.

"A slut is someone who sleeps with everyone, but a bitch is someone who sleeps with everyone but you."---Kahlo of the Guerilla Girls

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I have a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Women's Studies. I live in Tulsa with a cop (my fiancé), his dog (Kane), and my cat (Mabel). I work for the State in the field of law enforcement/criminal justice. No, that's not how I met my fiancé, but wouldn't that be a neat story?

I used to have a section here about who I am politically and religiously, but then I realized that has next to nothing to do with my journal's content. I used to make lots of entries that dealt with this kind of content, but now my journal is mostly filled with day-to-day personal stuff. (The public entries make me seem even more boring than I actually am though! At least, I hope.)

Check out my friend katie_can_draw's site. She's awesome!

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